Monday, July 30, 2012

New Zealand Working Holiday - IRD Tax Refund

The New Zealand tax years starts on the 1st of April and finishes on the 31st of March of the following year. If you are employed in New Zealand for the whole tax year you are able to apply for your tax refund when the tax year ends. If you leave during the middle of the tax year you can apply for your tax refund directly and you’ve got up to 7 years to apply. It takes about 2- 3 months to receive your New Zealand tax refund.

Anyone holding a Working Holiday Visa is qualified to apply for a tax refund. If you’ve been working during your time in New Zealand, you have paid 12.5 – 38% income tax on your earnings.
New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) open for tax refund application in April every year, in order to request a tax refund before April, you have to complete 2 forms which is IR50 and IR3 (make sure you get the latest form, it follows the year.). If you applying your tax refund in April or after, only IR3 form need to submit.

In order to get tax refund, you can follow one of the ways as following :


  1. Contact the Inland Revenue Department at least one month before you leave New Zealand. Explain that you’re coming to the end of your Working Holiday Visa and would like a tax refund.
  2. They will send you the correct forms to fill out and provide you with the instructions.
  3. You will need to provide back account details or a credit card for your tax to be returned to you.


  1. Complete IR3 form or plus IR50 form. Click to download IR50 and IR3 (make sure you get the latest form, it follows the year.)
  2. Proof of your airline ticket which clearly showing your departure date (Photocopy).
  3. Attach all the Payslip from each job you had in New Zealand or you can just download the IRD statement online.
  4. Provide bank account details for your tax to be returned to you or the correct postal address where IRD will issue a cheque and post to your homeland.

Inland Revenue Department Info :

Contact number (Within New Zealand) : 0800 227 771
Contact number (Outside New Zealand) : +64 4 978 0779

Opening hours :
8am – 8pm (Monday to Friday)
9am – 1pm (Saturday)

For more information, you can visit


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Zealand - Working Holiday Visa -EXTENSION

Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa

If you are in New Zealand on a working holiday visa and you are able to show you have undertaken three months or more of seasonal work in the horticulture and viticulture industries during your working holiday, you may apply for the Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa. Successful applicants will be granted a visa valid for three months from the date of approval. The visa will have the same conditions as the original work visa, except it will not have further travel conditions.

How do I apply?

If you think you are eligible, you should:

* fill in the SSE Work Visa Application (INZ 1153) PDF
* pay the correct fee
* attach evidence of your employment in the horticulture and viticulture industries, such as letters from your employers and Inland Revenue Department statements
* provide evidence you have an outward ticket, or sufficient funds to buy one
* send the application to the nearest Immigration New Zealand branch as this type of visa cannot be applied for online.

Please note, applicants for Working Holidaymaker Extension visas do not have to provide medical or X-ray certificates regardless of the duration of their stay in New Zealand, unless specifically asked for by an immigration officer.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Zealand Weather

Temperatures in (°C)JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
[North Island (New Zealand)]232423201715141517182022
[South Island (New Zealand)]222219171411111215171921

Monday, March 7, 2011

Working Holiday Visa - Resume or CV - Which One ?

Although in essence they both serve the same purpose, the main difference between a CV and a resume is that a CV acts as a complete record of your professional history, while a resume is a short, targeted list of transferable skills and accomplishments, intended to show how you can be of specific benefit to the particular company to which you are applying.

So in other words a resume for WHV will be good enough. It's simple for the employer to know you quickly and briefly in one or two pages.

Below is an example you all can use.

If you would like to see full page view (In PDF Form) click here.

You may download the MS Word Document (for your own use) by clicking here.


Convert to professional quality PDF files from almost any printable document. FREE for personal, commercial, gov or edu use!

Once you have edited your resume using MS Word, you can convert the MS Word document to PDF Format using "CutePDF" click here to download.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving License for New Zealand

Our license is recognized by New Zealand, therefore no need to apply for International licence. However, as our license is in Malay language, you will need to apply for EDLR (Extract of Driving License Records). FYI, International license will cost you RM100++, whereas, EDLR application is only RM10! “cheap cheap”

What is EDLR?

- It is a translation of our existing license from Malay to English. Below the sample:

How to apply EDLR?

1. Photocopy your IC, driving license (front and back)

2. Go to any of the below branches:

2. Fill up the EDLR form and pay RM10, wait for approximately 1 hour +. Then, your EDLR will be ready :)

Finally, u can drive in New Zealand!!


IRD Application

IRD number (tax number) is a must for any seasonal worker. When you reach NZ, you may go to any nearest Post office to apply for it. FYI, in NZ, their post office is know as “Post Shop”. Some of their Post Shop is abit like bookstore, you can buy postcard and books from there.

Tips on IRD application:

1) Different standard for different Post Shop

  • On our 1st day in NZ, we went to the Post Shop for IRD application, however, it was rejected, reason being, the driving license need to be translated by the LTNZ (NZ driving license translator), which will cost us NZ46!
  • We then decided to try out another Post Shop to avoid paying the amount. So, on next day, we went to another Post Shop, surprisingly everything was ok..
  • Conclusion, there is double standard in NZ as well :P

2) U can get the IRD form from Post Shop

  • It was mentioned by some blogger that u need to print out IRD form from the internet. In reality, u can easily get the IRD form from Post Shop, at no cost.

3) 2 document needed

  • Once filled up the IRD form, you will need to attached 2 sets documents: Photocopy passport (the passport detail page + NZ arrival stamp page) & Photocopy of Malaysia driving license EDLR Version
  • Post Shop officer can help you to photocopy as well, it will cost you NZ0.20 per page.

4) Address for IRD application

  • U may put in a temporary address (ie: yr hostel address). Later, just called them to inform them, you didn’t receive the card, then ask them to resend to you, or just ask for the number.

The IRD number and card will be ready in 2weeks time. You may call them to get the number.

Easy job, rite :)

Now where do you find a post office or post shop ? Click here to find some post shop's around your proximity in new zealand

Please refer to here, for official info from IRD New Zealand Govt.

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Adrenaline Rush - Bungy Jumping


Listen up again...

Have you ever done bungy jumping??

Let this video talk to your mind....5,4,3,2,1 ...bunggggyyy

Freaking cool innit..ok ok ok ok..i know it's there's two areas in new zealand where they do it.. In Auckland & Queenstown

Auckland, North Island Adventure

1) Auckland Bridge Bungy
  • 40 metres
  • NZ's Only Ocean Touch
  • Equipped to offer EVERY Bungy option - ankle tie, harness jump or tandem!
  • Free Jump T-Shirt
  • Include Exclusive Access to the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Price $150.00 (NZD)

2) Auckland Bridge Climb
  • 360° Views
  • NZ's Only Bridge Climb
  • Extensive commentary
  • Exclusively guided
  • Experience Auckland's most magnificent view
Price $120.00 (NZD)

Queenstown, South Island Adventure

1) Nevis Arc
  • The World's Highest Swing
  • 300metre Arc
  • 120m rope length (That's longer than a rugby field!)
  • 160m above the river
  • Swing options: Forwards, Backwards, Tandem, truck'n trailer, 69, back2back, Honeymoon & much more.
  • Release options: Leave it up to the Ops Crew, let your mates take charge and use the remote or release yourself!
Price $180.00 Adult (NZD)

2) Nevis Bungy
  • 134 metres
  • New Zealand's Highest
  • Jump from a highwire cable car 134m
  • Massive Ground Rush - 8.5 seconds
  • Private Mountain Access Road - 4WD ONLY
  • Includes Free Jumper T-shirt
Price $260.00 (NZD)

3) Kawarau Bridge Bungy
  • 43 metres
  • World's 1st Commercial Bungy Jump
  • 43m Jump off the historic Kawarau Bridge
  • Queenstown's Only Tandem Bungy
  • Bob above the water, touch it or get dunked!
  • free Jumper T-shirt
Price $180.00 (NZD)

4) The Ledge Bungy
  • 47 metres
  • 400m Above Queenstown
  • Bungy in the dark through winter with our Night Jumps
  • Twist-flip-dive, the possibilities are endless
  • Harness Jumps - great if your feet like to be free
  • Free Jump T-shirt
Price $180.00 (NZD)

5) The Ledge Swing
  • 400 metres Above Queenstown
  • 1 hour round trip
  • Swing out 400m above Queenstown
  • Self-release - it's all up to you!
  • 1 hour round trip - quick adrenalin fix that will keep you buzzing all night!
Price $130.00 (NZD)

Yup there are a hell lot of other adventures including skydiving..let me post soon enuf once i've done it... :D